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David Cope & Partners Limited: The costs
Our charge to a new client is based on the amount of capital that we place for that client:

  • Up to £100,000 of capital placed is charged at 3%.
  • There is a minimum charge of £900 and a maximum of £3,000.
  • In other words, there is no extra charge for capital placements above £100,000.
  • And all commission on business placed will be reinvested for the client’s benefit.
  • However, the client pays £900 even if no business is transacted.

Alternatively we will act on a commission basis:

  • This can be anything up to 4% of the capital placed.
  • The actual monetary amount is notified to the client before business is placed.
  • There is no minimum and no maximum to the amount that we are paid.
  • However, we are only paid if actual business is transacted.

Where other tasks are to be undertaken in addition to producing a financial planning report, special arrangements will be agreed with the client in advance of those tasks being undertaken.

After you become a client:

  • Most of the investment institutions with whom your business has been placed will make regular payments to us in the future.
  • These payments are commonly referred to as “trail commission”.
  • “Trail commission” usually amounts to 0.5% of the account value, i.e. if the account is worth £100,000, the “trail commission” will be £500 a year.
  • The monetary amount of “trail commission” is notified before business is placed.
  • Payment of “trail commission” means that we can offer clients an on-going service that does not involve the client in paying us additional fees.

Some examples of the on-going services that we offer to clients are as follows:

  • Answering general questions on financial matters.
  • Answering specific questions on your investment accounts.
  • Assisting with the completion of tax returns.
  • Resolving any other administrative problems that arise with your financial affairs.

In addition, if your investment portfolio through us exceeds £20,000 in value:

  • We will monitor its performance.
  • And review your finances generally with you at least once a year.

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